Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething. Free economy shipping for product orders over $75.00.


FAQ for WubbaNub Detachable Collection


  1. Push on plush’s head to trigger the clip
  2. Slide on or unhook pacifier tab
  3. Push clip back inside plush’s head



The WubbaNub detachable design uses a clip. Contains no snaps for safety or hook and loop fasteners for increased durability.



Detachable Pacifier: Before initial use, wash the pacifier nipple in warm water: The pacifier is top rack dishwasher safe. It also can be hand washed by placing the pacifier in warm water using a mild liquid soap. A moist heat sterilizer unit can also be used.

Plush: Remove the pacifier. WubbaNubs are made lovingly by hand, so it is recommended to hand wash with soft cloth to maximize use and durability or machine wash in a mesh laundry bag, gentle cycle. Allow to air dry.



How do I clean the WubbaNub Lovey?

Hand washing or surface cleaning the plush with cold water and air drying works best. We do not recommend immersing in water.

What is the recommended age of use?

WubbaNubs are designed and recommended for babies ages 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth.  Regardless of your child's age, WubbaNub pacifiers are not recommended for use once your child has begun teething.

All WubbaNubs are tested to, and meet or exceed, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's mandatory safety standard for pacifiers (16 CFR 1511) and federal requirements for children's toys (ASTM F963). The CPSC standard for pacifiers applies to all pacifiers.  Our products have been tested extensively to ensure they meet federal safety requirements.

Remember to always inspect your WubbaNub pacifier before each use and discard it immediately if the nipple is enlarged or if there are any signs of cracks, tears, or excessive wear.

Can my baby sleep with the WubbaNub pacifier?

WubbaNub pacifiers can be used under observed napping and awake sucking. We're advocates for safe sleep as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For extended overnight sleep, use a pacifier without the plush. For more on safe sleep habits, visit the WubbaNub safety page.

How do I clean the WubbaNub pacifier?

Pacifier Nipple: Wash the nipple before initial use: Place the nipple portion in warm water using a mild liquid soap. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Remove it from heat and pour into a mug. Then place the nipple portion of the WubbaNub into the water for 2 - 4 minutes to sterilize. Allow it to cool and squeeze the nipple to release the excess water inside. Now it's ready to use!

Plush: WubbaNubs are made lovingly by hand, so hand washing is the best method to preserve quality. It is also machine washable – place the WubbaNub in mesh laundry bag, wash on gentle cycle and allow to air dry. Make sure to wash the nipple before use (see above)

Sterilizer: A moist heat sterilizer unit can also be used with the WubbaNub product.

Is the WubbaNub dryer safe?

Never place the WubbaNub in the dryer, as the heating element can affect the integrity of the silicone pacifier.

Are WubbaNubs dishwasher safe?

Never place the WubbaNub in the dishwasher as the heating element can affect the integrity of the silicone pacifier.

Why does the WubbaNub I bought online have different packaging than the one I bought at the store?

Authentic WubbaNubs come in several types of packaging. To see the different packaging types, visit the WubbaNub authenticity page.

How do I get my baby to use the pacifier for the first time?

Suckling is a natural reflex and is soothing for babies. Introduce the pacifier when baby is content and happy or showing signs of wanting to suckle. Make it fun and share a loving interaction with baby. Touch the pacifier to their lips to encourage them to open their mouth. Lightly shaking the pacifier a little bit while in baby’s mouth or lightly tapping it with your finger nail will help in triggering baby’s instinct to suckle.

What if my baby is still unable to keep it in their mouth?

No worries, baby may need a little practice! While awake sucking pull it away slightly. This will help baby to learn how to suck it back before it is completely out of baby’s mount. The WubbaNub is a great pacifier training tool because it will not go far and the perfect size to cradle in baby’s arm avoiding it from rolling away.

Can I switch out the pacifier?

For the original one-piece design, the pacifier is permanently attached to the plush.  This is what makes WubbaNub unique.

My baby has a latex allergy. Is this pacifier made of latex?

This pacifier is a latex free, 100% silicone pacifier. It is also BPA and Pthalate free.

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