Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething. Free economy shipping for product orders over $75.00.
CHD awareness photo of baby with heart warrior lovey and pacifier
Wubbanub Heart Warrior Bear & Lovey
Cow, duck, lion, unicorn and dino wubbanub loveys
Even more to Love(y)!
Brand new lovey styles are here

photo of wubbanub detachable brown puppy pacifier with blue pacifier detached
Angle photo of WubbaNub Tan Llama plush pacifier
celebratory GIF introducing the new wubbanub detachable bear pacifier
WubbaNub Detachable cow plus pacifier is white with black spots and  tan accents

WubbaNub MLB Boston Red Sox Bear is navy blue fabric with white accents on face, ears and paws and has a B emblem on both sides of rear
WubbaNub MLB Chicago Cubs Bear is royal blue with embroidered red cubs stitching
Houston Astros MLB WubbaNub is navy blue with Houston Astros symbol embroidered on bear
WubbaNub MLB Kansas City Royals plush pacifier is soft royal blue fabric with white accents on paws, ears and face and KC symbol on rear


Family is everything. We constantly plan, test, and create with yours in mind.


We design and test every product for safety


Be sure you’ve got the real thing.


They’re not just
child-friendly. Our products are planet-friendly too.


WubbaNub donates thousands of products to good causes each year.

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